Americans at home and abroad in mortal danger

Biden’s hollow warning to ISIS terrorists: We will hunt you down and make you pay.”

A quavering threat from a feeble-minded career politician to Islamic barbarians who torture and slaughter innocent people, and burn Christians alive.

I bet they’re shaking in their boots — or sandals.

This is a president who cringed at a difficult question at a rare press conference after the carnage in Kabul that killed 12 Marines, one Navy medic, and 90 civilians.

Biden cowers after a difficult question at press conference.

In just eight months, the weakest ‘commander in chief’ the United States has ever seen has put every American at home and abroad in danger.

America itself has been weakened in the eyes of the world.

Our brutal enemies no longer fear us, and they will take this opportunity of a weak ‘leader’ to kill us.

Even using the words commander in chief and leader in the same sentence as Joe Biden is a rank obscenity.

The brave servicemen and terrified civilians who died gruesome deaths on Thursday perished because of his stupidity.

Carnage at Kabul airport.

Why the hell would he close Bagram Air Base, the largest U.S. military base in Afghanistan, and remove the troops before getting all American citizens and allies out of the country?

And now his administration has given the Taliban the names and addresses of American citizens in Afghanistan, and the names and addresses of their Afghan allies and interpreters.

Why would they do that? So the Taliban can locate them, we are told, and send them on their merry way back home.


Maybe a senile fool would believe that, but nobody else. The list of names and addresses of Afghans who helped the Americans is being called “a kill list.” Their lives are at the mercy of the Taliban. Taliban mercy — is that a sick joke?

The rest of Biden’s withdrawal plan is also at the mercy of the Taliban. The fool continues to think he can trust them. The ISIS bombers — who are ex-Taliban, just more brutal — had to pass through Taliban checkpoints to get in position to explode their devices. The Taliban knew who who they were.

Biden has disgraced America. World leaders are appalled. ISIS terrorists are emboldened and will use their renewed power to hunt and kill Americans wherever they are.

The bloodshed in Kabul is just the beginning.

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