Afghan girl finds freedom

The flesh and the devil


She was born in Kabul and raised under the brutal rule of the Muslim fanatical Taliban.

But when the opportunity came, she got the hell out of Afganistian, renounced the Muslim religion and found refuge in a city in Eastern Europe.

But that wasn’t the end of her turn-around.

She became one of the most popular porn stars on the Internet.

And now, Yasmeena Ali, 28, says she has never felt more empowered.

“I’ve always been a rebellious person,” she said in an interview. “My instinct tells me to be against anything that tries to oppress me.”

But it didn’t come easy.

Even her own father — especially her own father — wanted to have her killed for ‘disgracing the family’ with her new trade. And not only that — she married a Jew. Double whammy.

Her father hired a hitman to kill her for $70,000, but the plot was discovered and the father arrested.

And now Ali performs for nine million viewers on the World Wide Web.

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