9/11 terrorists SHOULD DIE

This monster should die!

9/11 terrorists should die
The son of a bitch organized the massacre of 2,977 people in the World Trade Center. He also caused the cancer deaths of many thousands of rescue workers who breathed in the toxic air.

Now, Biden wants to save this satan from hell and four other 9/11 terrorists from the death penalty.

For 22 years the forever suffering families of the victims have waited for justice, and this is what they get — a ”sickening betrayal.”

The Pentagon sent a letter this week to the families telling them that plea deals are being arranged for Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and the other terrorists.


The Biden administration intends to accept a plea deal to spare the terrorists from death in order to prevent evidence coming out at trial that would incriminate Saudi Arabia in the attacks. This is the evidence the victims’ families have waited all those agonizing years to hear.

To cover up for the Saudis, the Democrat-controlled justice department and the FBI would block all of the 9/11 evidence FROM EVER BEING MADE PUBLIC.

Under the deal the savages who planned the attacks would ‘accept criminal responsibility for their actions and plead guilty in exchange for not receiving the death penalty.’

In response to this latest outrage by the Biden government 2,000 family members of the victims co-signed a letter to Biden condemning the deal and called it “a sickening betrayal.”


The case against the al-Qaeda terrorists has been bogged down for two decades in bureaucracy and pre-trial proceedings. Meanwhile, just housing that ugly sick bastard Khalid Sheikh Mohammed alone is costing U.S. taxpayers more than $16-million a year.

This monster slaughtered nearly 3,000 of our people and caused the death of thousands of others, yet the Biden dictatorship is going to make every American taxpayer pay $16-millon a year to jail him for the rest of his life, plus $60-million a year for the other four. Fuck that.

The horrifying pictures of the many jumpers from the doomed World Trade Center.

World Trade Center jumper

Wold trade center jumper