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Two Australians, Mitch and Kevin, meet during their late teens while working summer jobs as mail sorters at the post office. When they are both about twenty, Mitch goes to America on a cargo ship, and Kevin bums around Europe.

Kevin eventually returns to Australia and settles there. He marries and has two daughters. Mitch makes a life for himself as a newspaper reporter in America. He marries and has a son.

The two old friends get together over the years when Mitch travels to Australia to visit his mother. When Mitch’s mother dies, his trips to Australia trail off and then end altogether.

The years pass. The two old friends haven’t seen each other for thirty years but they keep up a long-distance email friendship. Kevin’s wife becomes ill and is sick for many years and Kevin becomes her loving and tireless caregiver. During that time, one of his daughters dies at a young age. His wife dies few years later.

On the beach
A younger Kevin on the beach at Glenelg, South Australia.

Meanwhile in America, Mitch’s son has killed himself at the age of twenty-three. Mitch and his wife get a divorce. Some years later, Mitch marries again, to a gorgeous woman named Susan, and they have a rich and successful life in several American cities.

Then Susan becomes ill and battles falling health for several years, during which Mitch becomes her loving and tireless caregiver. In the end, just recently in fact, Susan dies.

There is a parallel there, between the lives of the two old friends, Kevin and Mitch each losing a child and then being caregivers to their wives over several years, and both ending up widowed.

NOTE: Filming will begin in three months at various locations in Australia and America. Open casting calls will be held in Sydney and Upstate New York in the coming weeks.